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Services & Rates

All services (except nail trims) include a bath, blow dry, brush out, deshed, ear cleaning, and nail trim.

Services & Rates

All services (except nail trims) include a bath, blow dry, brush out, deshed, ear cleaning, and nail trim.

Yorkie after seeing the dog groomer in Fenton, MI


Cat or dog looking a little scruffy? We provide full service pet grooming for all breeds and sizes.

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Kip Golden Retriever After Seeing Groomer In Fenton MI

Partial Haircut

Face, Feet and Fanny.

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BichonYorkie After Seeing Groomer In Fenton MI


Our pet bathing services including pet friendly shampoos, blow dry’s, brush outs, etc. making sure your pet leaves feeling fresh.

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Bagherra Cat After Seeing Groomer In Fenton MI

Cuts, Partial Haircuts, Baths Nail Trim

Keeping your pets nails trimmed not only lowers the risk of damage to household items, but also makes life more comfortable for your furry friend. We Also provide full cat grooming services for all breeds of cats.  Please call for pricing.

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Dog Owner Reviews

I have been using Jess for about 3-4 years now. I have bragged so much about all the great things about her now my daughter will be bringing her dog to her from Trenton about an hour and a half from her. I have NEVER been disappointed by her. She’s So accommodating and my girls Brinkley, Charlotte and our beloved Ruby (who passed away last year) loved seeing Jess. The environment is so peaceful for them and you can tell when you pick them up. I can’t recommend them enough, truly the best!!!!

Kelli Kilduff

The Peaceful Pet Salon is the best in the business! They take excellent care of your animals. They easily adapt to your pets needs and take the time to make them feel comfortable while being groomed. They bring years of experience to the table. I have personally followed them through the years because I know my dogs are receiving the best treatment and look amazing when they are groomed. I highly recommend you check them out!

Jill Veto

Jessica was a Godsend for my Gram’s dog Shaya. Shaya is a very shy and timid black lab and had never gotten groomed before. My gram is 92 and can no longer give her dog a bath, so I took Shaya to The Peaceful Pet Salon and Jessica took such good care of her! She was bathed and dried and altogether pampered. I watched the whole process, and honestly couldn’t believe I didn’t witness a fiasco with how fearful Shaya can be. Just getting her in the car was a pain. But I think the calming music and lavender essential oils used really helped ease Shaya, not to mention Jessica’s calming and natural way with animals. Thank you so much Jessica! I will be taking Shaya to you every time I come back to Michigan to visit my gram! 💜

Kristin Manno

Looking For A Professional Groomer?

Looking for a pet groomer in Fenton, MI that not only has a deep passion and love for animals but also has over 10 years of experience in the pet grooming industry? Reach out today to see what sets us apart!

Rocky Pomeranian After Seeing Groomer In Fenton MI

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